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Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

January 6, 2012

Hello everyone in Job Search Key:

Happy New Year to all in 2012!

I just want to share with you one link that I have come across when I read “What color is Your Parachute? 2012”

It talks about 10 helpful ways to use Linkedin to find a job.  Below is the link for:

Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

For those who are not yet on Linkedin, consider this as another tool to help you land on a job that you may want to discover.



The Physical Workspace

January 4, 2012

I recently had a look at the blog of Alexander Kjerulf – “Chief Happiness Officer”, and found a fabulous post about “10 seeeeeriously cool workplaces”. Check it out at:

Sometimes in our search for a job we forget how much time we will be spending in our new job environment and how important the physical workplace is to our happiness, as well as our productivity.   ~ tiana

Hello Job Hunters!

December 18, 2011

Looking for a new adventure, a new career direction, or have you become one of the unfortunate workers who has suddenly found yourself unemployed? Have you been raising your children and now want to get back into the workforce? Have you been working part-time and now want to look for a more permanent position? Whatever your reasons for searching for a job, this site will hopefully help you uncover some of the information you will need to reach your goal of finding your next job.

This blog is a group effort. We are graduates from a 3 week class called Job Search Keys given by MCC Employment Essentials Richmond. This is not a blog by the Mennonite Central Committee, and should not be connected with that organization other than the contributors here graduated from their wonderful program, which has helped all of us on our path to our next job.

As information is found it will be shared for all. From websites with job postings, to how to get an information interview with a company that interests you, to writing a great cover letter, we will write the posts and encourage others to comment and offer their advice and links.  Thanks for reading, and good luck in your search!


Hello world!

December 12, 2011

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